Welcome to Germany!

Our headquarters is located in one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in Germany – Hamburg! Hamburg is the biggest sea harbour in Germany with strong logistic infrastructure and connections.

We provide services for overseas companies and private persons, e.g. register companies in Germany and set up business. Our service is including: registering a German company, office services in Germany, accountancy and tax filing, Investments in Germany, Mergers & Acquisitions, business meetings and negotiations, registering German and European trademarks, visa, work and residence permits in Germany. All legal and tax services are provided by our native German lawyers and tax consultants.

In Hamburg as well as the whole North of Germany we will serve you from our headquarters. Our companie’s group is running branch offices in each big city in Germany. We provide all of our services in whole Germany. To choose for us means a remarkable advantage for the success of investments in Germany.

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CP International GmbH
Address: Osakaallee 8
20457 Hamburg Germany

Tel: 0049 - 40 4017 600
Fax: 0049 - 40 4017 6024
Email: mail@cp-international.de